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About Us

Caribbean Motors

August 2007 marked the beginning of an era that not many believed was possible, they might have all thought that being different and standing out were all the right reasons to fail and loose a shot at being one, one in confidence, in competence, one that is trusted and relied on. Here we are many years later with an even better reality, one that solidifies and complements what we sought to be.

We are now one of the leading competitors in our steady rising automotive market, our brands are some of the most wanted and valued automobiles, brands for efficiency, reliability and affordability. We operate with you at heart with the highest integrity and value for your loyalty, safety and security. We have some of the highest customer satisfaction backed by our high service standards that are different, state of the art equipment and tools, training and experience to more than satisfy you, we aim to give you quality each and every time, being able to think and operate differently allows us to put you first, separates the rest and keep us striving for the best.

Welcome to Caribbean Motors, looking forward to serving you!


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