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Caribbean motors

Service Department

At Caribbean Motors we believe in service excellence. We know well that in order to provide excellent services, we need properly trained technicians who are wholly committed to customer satisfaction. We take customer complains very seriously and it is not until their problems are solved that we find complacency. We have invested heavily in the best equipment such as diagnostic scanners, oscilloscopes, and many other specialty tools. Also, we possess the best, up to date, automotive repair software for our brands. All this together, enables us to do the job right the first time which will save you valuable time and money.


Our services range from routine services such as oil changes all the way to engine overhauls, transmission repairs, air conditioning, computerized diagnostics, etc. One of the main advantages you would experience with us when doing routine maintenance is the comprehensive vehicle inspection which we have implemented as a normal practice. When the service is completed, you get a copy of the service check list that our technicians fill out. There, you would

Another advantage you would have, if you are driving one of our vehicle brands, is the huge parts inventory at the best prices possible. That’s the reason why every day new customers show up at our offices either trading in their vehicles or taking advantage of our affordable financing system. Because we have all that’s needed to keep them driving with a peace of mind.

We would like to inform everybody that our routine services are free of labor cost once you have bought our brands of oils and filters. Also, we provide free vehicle cleaning inside and out for all our vehicle brands whenever they service with us.

We encourage you to come and experience our way above average level of quality services. You will be greeted by a charming service writer and a team of specialty technicians willing and ready to provide you with all the necessary support.


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